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High Spirits Native American Flutes

High Spirits flutes are the most finely crafted Native American flutes available. There is no handsomer instrument out there**, with attention to each smallest detail. Their tone is incomparable - when you play a High Spirits flute, it is easy to imagine a people and a time when Nature, Spirits, and Man coexisted in mutual respect.

Play your High Spirits flute as a meditation aid, as part of a group or drum circle, or just to enjoy the rich sound.

Each flute comes with an instructional cd or tape and a book. But High Spirits flutes are easy to play. Even the most inexperienced musician can pick up one of these flutes, and, after taking a minute (usually under 60 seconds!) to "find your tone," you can make beautiful, authentic-sounding Native American music just using the simple pentatonic scale. For more of a challenge, unbind the sixth hole for chromatic versatility.

Odell Borg, maker of High Spirits flutes, has managed to imbue each of these flutes with his own spirit. Odell is part Ojibwa, and he and his wife are two of the most delightful people we've met in the music business. Lovely people, lovely flutes.

Lovely price. Visitors to our store, when seeing High Spirits flutes and turning over the price tags, gasp that similar flutes go for 2 to 3 times more money at powwows, craft fairs, and gatherings. They can't believe that these instruments are so visually stunning, sound so beautiful, and are so reasonable. When you open your new High Spirits flute, you will feel the same way.

**The opinions expressed above are solely the opinions of us here at Adirondack Guitar, and do not reflect the opinions of other competitive flute makers who only try to be this good and charge more money!

Scary M

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The matching of the wood selection, precision assembly, detail sanding, finishing and complex tuning, make the creation of these flutes not only very time consuming but a labor of love.

Except for a bit more breath and adapting to having two mouth holes, the Double Flutes are just as easy to play as our single flutes.

Double White Tail "B" in Birch

The Drone "B' Flute is easest fluts tp play. It is easy to finger and takes very little breath control.

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Double Kestrel in high D - Maple

This flute is fun! Play just the right (melody) side as a lovely single flute, or blow through both the melody and drone holes (it's easy!) to sound like two flutes at once. Double flutes have a double mouthpiece so you can switch from the double flute to single instantly without adjustments. Wonderful for performance or just making music by yourself. These flutes generate more volume and the drone plays both low and high octaves with just a change in breath.
Buy It Now for $139.00

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Sparrow Hawk in A - Cedar

This is High Spirits' most popular flute, very playable and with the superior tone that characterizes all High Spirits flutes. Handsomely crafted of Cedar, with a leather tie over the third hole from the top to play easily in a pentatonic scale; advanced players uncover the hole for more versatility.

Buy It Now for $98.00

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PayPal Customers Email for a PayPal Invoice

Red Tail Hawk in G - Cedar

This is one of the larger single flutes, and its mighty tone and slightly larger size give an impression and sound of strength and power. Requires no more breath, and it is just as easy to play as all the other High Spirits flutes.

Buy It Now for $145.00

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Little Hawk Pocket Flute in the Key of A Minor

The Pocket Flute is created from Aromatic Cedar, and the non toxic oil finish gives them a bright , clear voice and provides creative fun for all ages. Easily fits into a pocket or backpack. 9 Inches Long.

Buy It Now for $39.00

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Echoes of the Canyon Wall - music CD
Featuring well known native flute player Travis Terry. He & his wife Cara (a Navajo artist in her own right) reside at the Navajo Nation's Canyon de Chelly. Also on the recording are flute artists Harry Seavey and Odell Borg. Many of the songs were created with multiple flute parts giving them a rich full texture. All the songs were recorded using High Spirits flutes.

Buy It Now for $15.00

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