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SharkTooth Crossover Pick

Choose Left Handed or Right Handed

The SharkTooth Pick product is a new and exiting Guitar, Banjo, Resonator, Bass and Pedal Steel music accessory. Now on the market at expanded locations, SharkTooth promises to be standard gear for beginners and established players alike.
SharkTooth picks are designed to support and extend today’s established guitar playing methods. That is, SharkTooth picks do not require a brand new skill.

SharkTooth picks are soft and flexible sleeves with a plectrum that is designed to provide total freedom in guitar playing technique. The picking system facilitates what some have called a “universal stringed instrument method”. Weather the guitar player has training in Classical technique, flat-picking, or the Chet Atkins fingerstyle method (using a traditional thumb-pick)… There is no longer a division that limits your musical possibilities.

Right Handed Version

Left Handed Version


Total control is made possible by the soft and flexible sleeve. The Traditional design uses a Velcro strap and can be adjusted for thumb size and for overall plectrum flexibility. The traditional model is recommended for beginners and established players alike.

While some practice is required, the musical rewards are well worth the effort.

When strumming the guitar is desired, the soft and flexible sleeve eliminates the discomfort and rigidity found with most thumb-picks. Also, single note lead lines are more fluid and the angle of plectrum attack control feature provides significant dynamic and tonal variations.

In addition, common accessory products like plastic or metal finger-pick devices may be used along with SharkTooth. Flat-pick mounting Velcro dots are provided with the product that allowing the player to select their favorite pick for use. Also the custom pick gauges provided with SharkTooth are interchangeable.

Limitations with guitar tone control and dynamic method is a thing of the past.

With the Strum ‘N Comfort® Picking System, flat-picking, thumb-picking, finger tapping and the widely taught "Classical" guitar technique is divided no longer.

Package Includes -

1. SharkTooth Pick Sleeve

2. .75mm Flat Pick with Strap

3. 1.0mm Flat Pick with Strap

4. Extra Strap designed for "Your Pick"

Choose Right or Left Handed

Buy It Now for $10.75 (INCUDES SHIPPING LOWER 48!*)

The new and improved (version 3.0) Traditional SharkTooth Crossover Pick is now shipping. Version 3.0 is more durable, even more comfortable, will not slip on the thumb, comes with two sleeves instead of just one and is now made in the USA.

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"SharkTooth" Thumbpick Review

Occassionally during my 30-something yearsof playing with a flatpick, I have tried playing fingerstyle guitarusing one of the old, traditional, hard, molded-plastic thumbpicksbecause they were the only thumbpicks available. They never seemedto fit properly, feel comfortable or provide the angle of attackthat I wanted.

That is history now, thanks to the "SharkTooth".Designed by a fine fingerstyle guitarist, Greg Atkin, the "SharkTooth"is brilliant in concept, design & execution!

Greg has re-engineered the traditional hard-molded,plastic thumbpick by incorporating a soft-rubber (neoprene) sleevewith a slot through which a flatpick protrudes. The flexible soft-rubbersleeve is held comfortably & firmly in place around the thumbby a small piece of velcro.

The result is a thumbpick that is unbelievablycomfortable, easy to use, fits all thumbs & can be held inplace to allow any angle of attack on the strings.

After using one for almost a month now, I canhonestly say that the "SharkTooth" is a must-have forfingerstyle players of all levels. It is nothing less than thefunctional equivalent of a thumbpick custom-made for every guitarist.Pick one up, slip it on & watch your fingerstyle playing improveimmediately- mine did!


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