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Every Day is Black Friday and Cyber Monday at The Guitar Garage! Give Our Independent Store a Chance to Price Match, and Answer your Questions. Our Staff is not made up of Computer IT Experts, but of experienced professionals who care about the products we sell.

Call us - 1.518.746.9500 or Email us -

We inspect and Set-up our Instuments before shipping; we don't just stick a box on a conveyer and have a computer put a shipping label on it.

Left Handed Electric Guitars

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Left Handed N4 Nuno Bettencourt Vintage Guitar - From the USA Custom Shop - IN STOCK!

Left Handed Reverend Super Rev - New Limited Edition Lefty! - 1 of 6!

New Model - Left Handed Danelectro ’59M NOS+ Guitar

Left Handed Zemaitis A24MF/LH NT Guitar - NEW!

Left Hand D'Angelico Guitars have arrived!

Left Handed Reverend 20th Anniversary Double Agent Guitar

Left Handed Reverend Sensei RA FM - Limited Quantity

Left Handed ESP E-II ECLIPSE QM MARBL Guitar - One of Six - Adirondack Guitar Exclusive! Only One Left

Hagstrom Super Swede One Left

Left Handed Hagstrom Swede SE with P-90's

Giannini Paisley Tele - a Must See

New Giannini _ HSS! - $159 Shipped!*

New Giannini - $139.00 - Two Finishes

Italia 12 String Electric - Very Limited! Back in Stock!

Lace Huntington - $189.00 Shipped!*-

NEW! Acoustic Electric Hybrids

Just Arrived! Left Handed Reverend Manta Ray

Keep Scrolling! Largest Left Handed Inventory Ever!

Left Handed Sale and Close Out Guitars

Specials - Left Handed Electric Guitar Starter Packages - 6 Models to Choose From!

Left-Handed Guitar Instruction ---SharkTooth Crossover Pick

This Months Featured Lefty's

Left Handed Eastwood Doral Jazz Guitar - Very Limited Quantities

Left Handed G&L Tribute Legacy in Blueburst!

Left Handed St. Blues 61 South Guitar - Made in the USA!

Left Handed Fender USA Stratocaster

Left Handed Dean Dimebag Dean From Hell CFH

SALE - This Month's Left Handed Steals and Deals

Featured Left-handed Electric Guitar Specials!

Left Handed B.C. Rich Exotic Classic Mockingbird - Now with Case!

New Left Handed Minarik Lotus - 2 Finishes Now in Stock!

Selected Jay Tursor Lefty's - $119 to $329 - Only a few Left

Newly Arrived and Left Hand Specials!

Left Handed Blow Out Sale! - $109

Left Handed Tele Style Starter of $195.00 shipped with GigBag

Left Handed Michael Kelly - $399!

New- USA Left Handed Rowan Guitars

Left Hand Angry Angus Tele

Left Handed Italia Rimini 12-String Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

New Ashland Cruzer CJ-400/3CF.BURST-LH by Crafter Guitars - $249.00 Shipped!*

Limited Run - Left Handed 8 String!

Left Hand Vintage V6 Guitar - $369.00 Shipped!

Left Hand G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Swampash - More Information - Only $599.00 Shipped!*

In Stock - 2 Finishes Dean 79 Z Lefty

Floyd Rose Left Handed Original Tremolo

A Few of This Monthes Featured Left Hand Electric Guitars

New Left Handed Cruzer by Crafter - Only $249.00 Shipped!*

In Stock! 2 Finishes Dean 79 Z Lefty - More Info...

New - Limited Edition Left Hand Minark Goddess

Arriving Now - Left Handed Crafter Thin Body Archtop Acoustic- Electric Hybrid

New - Left Handed Crafter Acoustic Electric Hybrid

The Perfect Acoustic for Electric Players - Rowan Del Rio Left Handed

Left Handed Zemaitis A24MF/LH NT Guitar - NEW!

Left Handed Electric Guitar Menu by brand is to the Left, (of course). As always, feel free to email with any questions or call the store (518) 746.9500 to talk to a human (no answering machines, we only answer the phone when the store is open). Our Store Hours are 11am to 8pm Monday thru Thursday, 11am to 5pm Fridays, and 11am to 5pm Saturdays. Please take a moment to take a look at our Left Hand Newsletter. Adirondack Guitar is an independent, brick and mortar store. I sell what I like, and I sell what, I think, offers the best value. Dennis

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Left Handed Classified ( Used and NOS) Guitars and Basses

Adirondack Guitar Left-Handed Main Menu

New Left-Handed Guitar Instruction

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USA Built and Custom Shop Left-Handed Guitars

Adirondack Guitar Exclusives

Heritage Prospect Bluesman

Heritage H-140 Second Edition

Left-Handed Bill Lawrence SwampKaster T

Lefty James Trussart "Holey" Rusty Steelcaster

Left Handed Heritage Gerry Gessie "Little One" Flag Guitar

GMP Inlay Top Custom Left Handed Guiatrs

Gadow Custom Hollow Lefty

Special Custom RR Gadow Jazz Guitar

Must See - RR Gadow Custom LH

DiPinto Guitars

DiPinto Galaxie 4 Guitar

DiPinto Mach IV LH

Belvedere Deluxe LH with USA Bigsby

New! Fernandes Left Handed Guitars

Fernandes Revolver Pro Left Hand

Left Hand Fernandes Vertigo X

Fernades RetroRocket Left Handed

Line 6

Left-Handed Line6 Variax 500

Schecter Left-Handed Electric Guitars

New Schecter Omen-7, 7 String!

One Left! Schecter 12 String, TSH-12

Schecter C-1 Exotica LH - WOW!

Schecter Damien-6 LH

Schecter S-1 Blackjack LH

LH Schecter C1EA Semi-Hollow w/ Piezo

Left Handed Schecter Scorpion (Extended Scale)

LH Extended Scale Hellcat VI

Left Handed Schecter Tempest Custom

Left Handed Schecter Tempest Blackjack

Left Handed Schecter C-7 Hellraiser

Left Handed Schecter 006 Blackjack

Left Handed Schecter C-1 EX Baritone Blackjack

Left Handed Schecter C-7 Blackjack

Left Handed Schecter 007 Elite

Left-Handed Schecter Omen 6 Electric Guitar

Left Handed Schecter Blackjack C-1 Guitar

Left-Handed Schecter S-1 Elite

Left-Handed Schecter S-1 Electric Guitar

Very Limited Quanties! Left-Hand Schecter C-1 Classic in Antique Amber

Left Handed Schecter C-1 Elite

Left Handed Schecter C-1 Plus

Left-Handed Schecter Avenger

Left-Handed Schecter C-1 FR Electric Guitar

Left Handed Schecter C-1 Hellraiser

Schecter Left-Handed 006 Elite Electric Guitar

Left-Handed Schecter Ultra Electric Guitar

Dean Left-Handed Electric Guitars

LH Dean FBD Dimebag Darrell Tribute ML

Dean Left Handed Vendetta 1.0 Guitar

New! Left Handed '79 Series Z

New! Dean EVO Special Select Lefty

New! Dean Avalance One

New Arrival! Left Hand Dean Avalanche MQ

New! Dean MLX

New! Dean VX

Must See! GMP Hot Rod V Left Handed

GMP Pawn Shop Gold Top Lefty Sold Out

Brian Moore C90P.13 Left Handed Guitar

Rare Brian Moore USA LHed 7 String! - Sold

Brian Moore USA Custom Shop C90 LH

Limited Edition Brian Moore C55 EH 13 Pin - SOLD

Left Handed Heritage H-157 Black Beauty

Left Handed Heritage H-535 LH

Left Handed Heritage H-150CM Classic

Left Handed Heritage H-575 Guitar

Left Handed Heritage H-575 Natural

Hoffner Verithin

Lace Left Handed Guitar

New Lace Huntington $189 Shipped!

New Left Handed Washburns for 2005

New! Washburn WI64DL Left Handed Guitar

Left Handed WI14 Idol - $179.94!

Left Handed X50 Pro

Left Handed X30

Washburn BT4Q Left Handed (Sold Out)

Adirondack Guitar Exclusive

Left-Handed Bill Lawrence SwampKaster T

BC Rich Lefty's

New Models of Left Handed B.C. Rich Guitars for 2007!

New! Adirondack Guitar Exclusive!

Malden Holly Keyser - Great News!

Left Handed Malden Karma

New! Left Handed Malden Utopia!

Hamer Left-Handed Guitars

Hamer Left-Handed EchoTone

Hamer Left Handed Archtop Flametop (SATF)

Now Arriving Heritage Lefties!

Left Handed Heritage H-157 Black Beauty

Left Handed Heritage Millennium H-155 LH

Left Handed Heritage H-535 LH

Left Handed Heritage H-150CM Classic

Left Handed Heritage H-575 Guitar

Left Handed Heritage Gerry Gessie "Little One" Flag Guitar

Hofner Jazz Box

Left Handed Hofner Verythin


Spring Specials -Left-Handed Starter Guitars and Packages - $149.00 to $299.00

Tradition Left Handed Guitars

New Arrival - Lefty Tradition S20

Tradition G Series Left-Handed

radition Lefty Starter Package

Tradition JR Tele Left Handed

New Tradition MTA500 LH


Left Handed Classified ( Used and NOS) Guitars and Basses

Adirondack Guitar Left-Handed Main Menu

Left Hand Acoustic Guitars

Left Hand Bass Guitars

Left Hand Mandolin

Left Hand Banjo

New Left-Handed Guitar Instruction

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Ordering, Shipping and Return Policies

Why Buy from Adirondack Guitar?

Adirondack Guitar Home

Additional Options
Check Out New Aslin Dane Lefty Models

New for 2002! Coming Soon! Samick LH Guitars and Basses

Fernandes - Sold Out!

Swampkaster - Sold Out


New Campbell American Guitars Sold Out

Left Handed Larrivee RS-4 Sold Out

Left Hand DBZ - Sold Out

Larrivee Left Handed Electric - Sold out

Left Hand Vintage VS6 Guitar -- Sold out

JT -133 Semi Hollow Left Hand Guitar - Sold out

Left Handed Traditions - Sold out

Left Handed Dillion 7 String - One of One