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Left Handed Hamer Guitars

Adirondack Guitar has placed and order for left handed Hamer Guitars. These models will be custom made and will be arriving soon. As, always feel free to Email me with any questions. Adirondack Guitar will be happy to work with you in having a Left Hand Hamer Guitar built to your specifiactions. Dennis

Left Hand Hamer Guitars - In 1973 a group of dedicated and passionate musicians submerged themselves in a Chicago basement to build modern guitars with a vibrant, vintage soul. This troupe, led by designer Jol Dantzig, became Hamer Guitars. Together they pioneered the "Modern Vintage" spirit and actually created the boutique guitar category. Continued Below

Pre Fender Hamers Close Out Sale/ Last Chance to get a piece of Guitar History. We only have a few of these left on stock!


Left-handed Hamer Artist Mahogany, Duncan 59's, Cherry Transparent finish - In Stock! - LARTMHB-CTC Sold Out

Sold Left Handed Hamer Guitars

Hamer Left-Handed EchoTone - Sold Out

Hamer Left Handed Archtop Flametop (SATF) - Sold Out

Left Handed Hamer Talladega! - Sold

Hamer USA Artist Korina HB - - Sold

Left-handed Hamer Artist, Duncan Seth Lover pickups, Honey Finish Just Arrived - LGATASO-HYC - SOLD

Hamer Artist Korina - ARTK - SOLD

Left Handed Studio Mahogany in Jazzburst -SOLD

Hamer Newport Guitar - NEW - with Bigsby -One Left

Hamer USA Artist Korina HB - SOLD

Hamer Artist Mahogany HB - ARTMHB SOLD

Hamer Monaco Elite - MONELM - SOLD

Hamer Monaco SuperPro Guitar - MONS - SOLD

Left-handed Hamer Studio Mahogany, Duncan 59's Jazzburst finish - - LSTUM-JZC - SOLD!

Today, Hamer Guitars is still a small, tightly-knit group of artisans committed to building instruments with undeniable character and flawless construction. In their small New England studio they craft a limited number
of guitars each year.

Hamer Guitar Story

Every Hamer Guitar is truly hand-built in a manner unparalleled in the guitar industry. True to their roots, Jol and crew continue to define what an American guitar can be. We invite you to view and discover the difference between "good enough" and truly great. Come with us and join the few who dare to play the very best. Continued....

More Hamer Guitar Facts
Hamer Bodies are constructed using the finest "Pattern Stock" Honduras mahogany.
Every Hamer is finished with fine guitar lacquer and buffed to perfection.
Each strap button is mounted on a flat, routed, surface including a rubber shock absorber.

Provides each Hamer with the best quality wood for greater resonance, vibration, and tone.
Gives each Hamer a deep, rich, finish without inhibiting the sound quality.
Cushions any impacts and stress from the strap, which can cause finish cracking.

Hamer Necks are constructed using a "stressed neck" system, by matching a straight grain with 2 opposing grains
Hamer necks are joined using an oversized dovetail joint.
Hamer uses a low mass, 3/16" in diameter truss rod, requiring less wood to be removed from the neck.
Hamer installs each steel truss rod pre-tensioned, which allows the truss rod to be adjusted both forward and backward.
All Hamer frets are hand seated one at a time using a hand press.
All fingerboards are attached to the necks and allowed to settle before being radiused and fretted.
Hamer uses a patented "lubritrak nut" which is a material impregnated with lubricating molecules.
All rosewood fingerboards are "Quarter Sawn".

This process makes each neck rigid and resistant to warping and twisting because of grain direction and density.
Because the neck joint is 25% larger than the "tenon" style, the transmission of energy and vibration give every Hamer a naturally longer sustain and sweeter tone.
This ensures that the truss rod does not interfere with the sound of the wood.
This eliminates the need for sustain-robbing double rods or strengthening bars to remove warps or bows.
Ensures that every fret is pressed down evenly and exactly, regardless of the density of the wood.
Necks will stay truer for a longer period of time.
The nut self lubricates to ensure each string from hanging up.
Ensures long life, straightness, and contributes to the stability of the neck.

Hamer Pickups are tone-selected for its intended location. Something Hamer has been doing since the beginning.
All pickups are mounted to the body using threaded brass inserts.
All volume pots are custom tapered with a boost at the last 1/10th of rotation.
On all Archtop models each pot shaft is drilled perpendicular to the surface.
Control cavities are meticulously wired and sprayed with a coat of premium nickel based paint and covered with an aluminum plate.

Ensures a selection of available tones and optimizes each individual pickup sound.
Provides stability rather than using wood screws.
Allows for an additional volume gain for soloing.
In doing it this way there is no interference with the curve of the arch, allowing the controls to be brought closer to the bridge.
Making sure that every Hamer is free from any unwanted noise

Starting in 1973 a group of passionate, musically-infected musicians submerged themselves in a Chicago basement to build modern guitars with a vibrant soul.

This is the Hamer story and legacy. It is about artisans dedicated to creating the finest instruments, from the best materials. The truth is that at Hamer we outbid everyone for the top tone woods, over inspect, and select the cream, leaving the rest to the less discriminating builders. Then we lavish more time and attention on every detail than is possible in a mass production environment. Each Hamer guitar is truly hand-built in a manner unparalleled anywhere else. Naturally this process is not inexpensive, but this is not our goal. Our desire is to build soul into the finest crafted electrics in the world. Period. The evidence of our passion can be seen in every part of our instruments. Starting with the frets, which are individually hand-seated to a precise radius with an accuracy that eliminates the need for fret filing. The result is a playing surface that is laser-straight and plays like a dream right out of the box. Continued....

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