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Every Day is Black Friday and Cyber Monday at The Guitar Garage! Give Our Independent Store a Chance to Price Match, and Answer your Questions. Our Staff is not made up of Computer IT Experts, but of experienced professionals who care about the products we sell.

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We inspect and Set-up our Instuments before shipping; we don't just stick a box on a conveyer and have a computer put a shipping label on it.


NEW Hot Gold Series
The new Lace Sensor Hot Gold for a killer full range of tone. By far the most important pickup discovery since the birth of the Strat® in 54'.
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Lace Holy Grail Series

The Lace Holy Grail is the ultimate vintage pickup; the tone of a '54 Strat without the noise or the price tag. The Holy Grail's break-through design retains the depth and sparkle that is the hallmark of vintage tone.
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Original Sensor Series

The Sensor Gold - world famous tone. We have built these world famous pickups since 1985. With crisp top end and bell-like tone, the Lace Sensor Gold utilizes the latest technology to provide a superlative tone for today's players.
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Dually Sensor Series

Use the Dually's in full mode or switch to split mode. Extreme tone: mix a Red with Silver or have the versatility of both coils on their own.
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Drop & Gain Series

The industry's first pickup that has been designed specifically for drop tunings & ultra high gain rock music. A totally re-designed pickup!
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Pick Guard Assemblies

We start with a high quality, US made pick guard. Then we load it with a hot combination of Lace Music Pickups, all wired, tested and ready to go! All this packed in a nifty, custom wooden box, what more could you ask for?
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New - Lace AlumiTone

The Alumitones™ are a great choice for that Vintage based tone but with added performance and sustain.
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Call or Email with any questions or orders. Thanks for your patience, Dennis

900 Series

Modern Technology, Vintage Sound. The 900 Series duplicates the tonal qualities of the classic P-90 without feedback, hum and general noise. It captures yesteryear's tone through its innovative "sidewinder" design.
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Chrome Dome Series

The Chrome Domes have been praised for their "sweet, rounded tones" and sounding like "a Strat on steroids". This was accomplished by modifying the original Gold Sensor, a pickup known for its bell-like tone and rich history.
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The California Series

The California Series has the tone that captures the energy and passion of the Hollywood scene. The multi-patented design provides incredible string balance and response. Virtually noise free with a shimmering high and explosive bottom.
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The D Series

The D Series provides the warm, full response that characterized the classic 1950's humbucker sound. The multi-conductor cable allows coil tapping, phasing, series parallel and more.
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Tele Models

These pickups deliver the vintage Tele® twang and transform your guitar into a Tele Plus! All the traditional vintage tone and clarity but without the noise. Smooth attack, glassy warmth with sweet sustain.
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Trans Sensor Series

The TransSensor® delivers a signal to noise ratio 5 times greater than traditional pickups. Warm design with enhanced upper end presence, boosted mid range thrust and lightly enhanced bottom.
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