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G7th Performance Capo

G7th Performance Capo - Winner of Guitarist magazine's 'Gold Award' in the UK, and an Acoustic Guitar magazine bronze award in the US (after only 2 months on sale) the G7th Performance capo is a completely new approach to capo design. It has none of the disadvantages of conventional capos, but instead offers enhanced performance and is simple to use. Not only that, it looks and feels great!

G7th Performance Capo

"This will probably revolutionise the way we think about capos - a no hassle solution for guitarists."

Guitarist Magazine, November '03

G7th Performance Capo

The wrap spring clutch consists of just three elements: a fixed hub, a moving hub, and a spring whose inside diameter is just slightly smaller than the outside diameter of the two hubs. When the spring is forced over the two hubs, attempting to rotate in the direction which opens the capo wraps it down tightly on the hubs, positively engaging them.

Rotation in the other direction, to tighten the capo onto the strings, is not restricted. To release the capo, the control tang is moved in the direction to unwind the spring, thus releasing the clutch.

The beauty of this type of clutch for this application is that it can be adjusted in tiny increments, allowing precise control over how tightly the strings are pressed down.

Did you know... the G7th's clutch mechanism is a modification of a tried-and-tested design used in printers and copiers to provide a simple decoupling and overrun device.
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"It surpasses all other capos I have used. I set my guitar string actions with the bass E a little higher than the rest so it will hold up on low tunings and I can whack that string a bit more when needed. This sort of setting can be a problem with tuning stability when a capo is used. However, my guitar tuning and intonation is barely affected by the G7th capo and I shall be recommending it to all." Steve Hicks

Push the lever to release the arms

Fit snugly behind the fret.

Squeeze to tighten from above or below.

Press lever to release

Store when not in use.

I love the G7th capo!!! What a great design!!!"
Roger McGuinn


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