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Washburn Electric Guitars

Washburn Guitars - Adirondack Guitar is proud to represent Washburn Guitars in the North Country and in Cyberspace. Washburn offers over forty different models of electric guitar, and you can probably find more than one model to suit your special needs. We have quite a few in stock, or we will be happy to special order any model you choose. Adirondack Guitar sells all guitars at competitive prices and never charges extra for special orders. Sit back, relax and check out these great Washburn Guitars. Thanks, Dennis

Washburn's electric guitar history began in 1978. Since the beginning, offering new innovative designs and features has been a hallmark of their Electric Guitar series. From their signature series guitars (born from a cooperative design effort with the Artists and our design engineers), to their full line of electric guitars and basses, Washburn offers quality and unique innovations to help you find your sound. Guitars made to be played and cherished.

Washburn Jazz Guitars - Sale Priced from $535.00!

Classic jazz guitar tone is traditionally achieved through hollow body, semi acoustic guitars. Washburn presents 4 great jazz guitars with a variety of looks and tonal variety to fit all tastes.

Washburn J7VNK Jazz Electric Guitar -

Washburn J600K Jazz Electric Guitar

Washburn J5SK Jazz Electric Guitar

Washburn J3 Jazz Electric Guitar

Washburn Hollowbody Guitars - Sale Priced from $399.00!

Hollowbody guitars are lighter and more resonant than their solid body counter parts. This gives a somewhat mellower tone to the guitar making it well suited to Jazz. Our double cutaway models include a solid maple block in the center, reducing susceptibility to feedback and making it well suited to rock and blues

Washburn HB15TSK - Floating Block

Washburn HB15CTSK - Floating Block

Washburn HB30TSK- Center Block

Washburn HB17CBK - Active Pickups!

Washburn HB32DMK - Center Block

Washburn HB35 Guitar - 5 Colors! *

Washburn HB36K Vintage Guitar

Washburn HB45WHK - NEW!

Washburn Original Idol Series Electric Guitars - Sale Priced from $160.00!

The Idol has been in the Washburn lineup since the '90s - a testiment to its staying power, desirability and status amongst players of all levels. With its bold single cutaway style and dual humbucker layout, the Original Idol provides a stylish alternative to the cookie cutter guitars that litter the musical landscape. When you choose an Original Idol you make a statement that you're not just an ordinary guitar player and you've got something to say

Washburn WI64TRK Electric Guitar

Washburn WI60V Electric Guitar


Washburn WI40NM Electric Guitar

Washburn WI68XVCG Electric Guitar - Made in the USA!

Washburn WI64 Left Handed Guitar - Sold Out

Washburn WIN Idol Series Electric Guitars - Sale Priced from $535.00!

The Idol WIN Series takes on a new image with the adoption of a narrower lower bout silhouette, mahogany or maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets, stoptail bridge and Humbucker pickups. The Idol WIN features a more traditional, time-honored single cutaway body style and a familiar 24.75" scale.

Washburn WIN14B Electric Guitar

Washburn WIN14WH Electric Guitar

Washburn WIN14WA Electric Guitar

Washburn WIN14FTR Idol Guitar

Washburn WINSTDTSB Electric Guitar

Washburn WINDLXFBB Electric Guitar

Washburn Nuno Bettencourt Series Electric Guitars - Sale Priced from $535.00!

Nuno Bettencourt, born in Portugal and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, grew up in a very musical family. In his teenage years he began playing drums, bass and keyboards, but ultimately settled on guitar as his primary instrument. Since then he has become one of the world's greatest guitarists, who draws from an eclectic variety of styles and influences and is a tremendously technical and adept player, with an acute sense of rhythm. Most famous for his role in Boston-area group Extreme, in which Bettencourt recorded five CDs and delivered the hits "More Than Words" and "Hole Hearted", he has also released a solo CD, formed the groups Mourning Widows and Population 1 (which eventually became DramaGods), and was featured in Satellite Party (formed by Perry Farrell). Although they had disbanded in 1995, in 2007, Extreme reunited and headlined Washburn's 125th Anniversary Party at Winter NAMM 2008. For 2009-2013 Nuno joined Grammy Award winning R&B artist Rihanna as music director and lead guitarist on her world tour, playing to hundreds of thousands of fans across Europe and the U.S.

Washburn N2NMK Electric Guitar

Washburn N2PSK Electric Guitar

Washburn N2TATTOOK Electric Guitar

Washburn N24VINTAGEK Electric Guitar

Washburn N4EPNM Electric Guitar

Washburn N4VINTAGE Electric Guitar

Washburn N4AUTHENTIC Electric Guitar

Washburn N7VINTAGE Electric Guitar - 7 String!

Washburn N24PSVINTAGEK Electric Guitar

Washburn N4CV Electric Guitar - Nuno w/Carbon FB

Washburn P Series Electric Guitars - Sale Priced from $535.00!

The P2 is ideal for producing thick, meaty tones perfect for classic rock, blues and jazz.

Washburn P2BSK Electric Guitar

Washburn P2SSK Electric Guitar

Washburn P4TB Electric Guitar

Washburn P4SS Electric Guitar

Washburn Parallaxe Electric Guitars - Sale Priced from $446.00!

Parallaxe guitars are designed specifically for modern chops intensive shredders. No corners have been cut, no compromises have been made in design or features; it is the perfect shred machine. - The PXS series represents our determination to build the perfect rock and metal guitar for today's most demanding professional players. These guitars are loaded with features eliminating the need for aftermarket modification. With comfortable access to the highest frets, big tone and fast necks you won't find a better choice for your recording and live performances.

Washburn PXS2000RC Electric Guitar

Washburn PXS200FHB Electric Guitar

Washburn PXS100ARFRWHM Electric Guitar

Washburn PXS10EC Electric Guitar

Washburn PXS10EDLXTBM Electric Guitar

Washburn PXS20EC Electric Guitar

Washburn PXS10FRQTR Electric Guitar

Washburn PXS10FRDLXWB Electric Guitar

Washburn PXS20FRTBB Electric Guitar

Washburn PXS29FRTBBM Electric Guitar

Washburn PXS297FRB Electric Guitar

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Washburn PXM Parallaxe Series Guitars - Sale Priced from $446.00!

The PXM Series has been designed with the modern metal guitarist in mind. No corners cut, no compromises have been made in the design of the Parallaxe PXM Series. These guitars are packed with a ton of features yet unseen in "production" guitars, all tailored with the shredder guitarist in mind.

Washburn PXM200AFTBLM Electric Guitar

Washburn PXM170FCRM Electric Guitar

Washburn PXM280ADWA Electric Guitar

Washburn PXMTR20 Electric Guitar

Washburn PXM20EFTBM Electric Guitar

Washburn PXM18EB Electric Guitar

Washburn PXM10FRQTBLM Electric Guitar

Washburn PXM27EC Electric Guitar

Washburn PXM20FRFBCBM Electric Guitar

Washburn PXM100C Electric Guitar

Washburn PXL Parallaxe Series Guitars - Sale Priced from $365.00!

The PXL Series are loaded with unique features such as full contact bridge, custom carved back and Buzz Feiten Tuning System® offering uncompromising performance and playability. These stylish guitars have an unsurpassed playing comfort with total access neck and increased tone and sustain. No matter what style of music you are playing, these single cut working machines will bring your stage and studio works to a whole new level.

Washburn PXL1000B Electric Guitar

Washburn PXL100AWHM Electric Guitar

Washburn PXL200FTB Electric Guitar

Washburn PXL200FHB Electric Guitar

Washburn PXL10WA Electric Guitar

Washburn PXL10QWBM Electric Guitar

Washburn PXL10EC Electric Guitar

Washburn PXL20B Electric Guitar

Washburn PXL20EWH Electric Guitar

SOLAR - OLA ENGLUND SIGNATURE SERIES Guitars - Ola Englund Signature Line -Sale Priced from $550.00!

The PX-Solar Deluxe Series is the signature line of swedish guitarist and producer Ola Englund (The Haunted, Feared, former Six Feet Under...). PX-Solar Deluxe guitars feature an EverTune® bridge, which keeps the guitars in tune under any condition or abuse, full access neck joints, alder bodies and ebony fingerboards. Coupled with their stealth looks and distinctive binding, the PX-Solar Deluxe guitars are very solid, precise and professional instruments that will satisfy any metal player.

Washburn PX-SOLAR160WHM Electric Guitar

Washburn PX-SOLAR170C Electric Guitar - Seven String

Washburn PX-SOLAR16DLXC Electric Guitar

Washburn PX-SOLAR17DLXC Electric Guitar - Seven String

Washburn PX-SOLAR6C Electric Guitar - Made in the USA

Washburn PX-SOLAR7C Electric Guitar - Seven String - Made in the USA

Washburn PX-SOLAR6DLXC Electric Guitar - Made in the USA

Washburn PX-SOLAR7DLXC Electric Guitar - Seven String - Made in the USA

Washburn XM Seies Electric Guitars - Sale Priced from $225.00!

BRED FOR SHRED - Riffs will flow freely and effortlessly from your fingertips with Washburn's new XM Series of guitars. Featuring a sleek double cutaway, premium Poplar, Basswood or Mahogany bodies, Rosewood or Ebony fingerboards, and Seymour Duncan pick-ups, these guitars are the instruments you need to become the ultimate shred machine.

Washburn XMSTD2PB Electric Guitar

Washburn XMSTD2PWH Electric Guitar

Washburn XMSTD2TNG Electric Guitar

Washburn XMDLX2TNG Electric Guitar

Washburn XMPRO2FBB Electric Guitar

Washburn XMPRO2FRFBB Electric Guitar

Washburn RX Series Electric Guitar Sale Priced from $145.00!

TRADITIONAL MEETS CONTEMPORARY - The new Washburn RX Series will inspire you to take your playing to the next level. With their traditional double cutaway design, contemporary asymmetrical lower bout, Maple necks with Rosewood fingerboards and string thru bridges, these guitars deliver all of the tools you need to play any genre of music and explore new levels of tone.

Washburn RX6B Electric Guitar

Washburn RX10MB Electric Guitar

Washburn RX6MC Electric Guitar

Washburn RX10MRD Electric Guitar

Washburn RX10VSB Electric Guitar

Washburn RX20FVSB Electric Guitar

Washburn RX20FWSB Electric Guitar

Washburn RX50FVSB Electric Guitar

Washburn RX50FBSB Electric Guitar

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Washburn Paul Stanley Series Electric Guitars - Sale Priced from $450.00

World renowned rock icon, Paul Stanley, is the guitarist, vocalist, principal songwriter and co-founder of the rock band KISS, and has reigned supreme as one of the single-most recognizable frontmen in the history of rock and roll. In his KISS persona of "Star Child", Stanley has rocked the world for more than forty years and released more than thirty albums. Stanley began playing guitar at the age of thirteen and was mostly self-taught. He joined his first band at the age of fifteen and went on to form KISS with Gene Simmons in the early '70s. Even after more than thirty years of performing, KISS is still one of the most successful, influential and top-grossing bands of all time.

Washburn PS2012B Electric Guitar - Made in the U.S.A.!

Washburn PS10BK Electric Guitar

Washburn PS10WHK Electric Guitar

Washburn PS12BK Electric Guitar

Washburn PS12WHK Electric Guitar

Washburn PS2012WH Electric Guitar - Made in the U.S.A.!

Washburn PS2014TS Electric Guitar - Made in the U.S.A.!

Washburn PS2014RKORINA Guitar - Made in the U.S.A.!

Washburn Time Traveler Series Electric Guitars

Built in the Washburn USA Custom Shop, these limited edition Time Traveler models utilize premium woods and components for incredible tone and unmatched playability. Each guitar feels and plays as if it were a worn and well broken in old friend. No two are alike, making each one a collectible in its own right and a Certificate of Authenticity is included with each. The Aged Nitro Cellulose finish is available in 4 colors, Pelham Blue, Polaris White, Golden Mist and Cardinal Red.

Washburn PS2012R Electric Guitars - Made in the USA.







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My Personal Favorite - Washburn WI68XVCG Electric Guitar - U.S.A. Custom Shop.

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