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Schecter Diamond Series Guitars

Schecter Guitars offered by Adirondack Guitar. Adirondack guitar has been a Schecter Guitar Dealer since we first opened our doors in 2001. Schecter Guitar has consistently offered a very high quality instrument that has been well received by our customers and we have been proud to represent. Dennis

New Model Schecters Limited Edition - Only 30 were made!

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Schecter's infamous C-1 CLASSIC, the flagship of Schecter's Diamond Series throughout most of the last decade returns!

Schecter KEITH MERROW KM-7 Guitar


Schecter Special Edition ATX RIOT Guitar - Only 24 will be Made!

Schecter Special Edition ATX Solo 7 Guitar - Only 24 will be Made!

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Schecter Synister Gates Custom Guitar

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Schecter Hellraiser Special FR - Black Cherry

Schecter Hellraiser Special - See Thru Black

Schecter C-1 Custom - See Thru Blue

Schecter Solo 6 Limited Edition EMG's! - IN STOCK!

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Schecter Damien- 7 FR Guitar - In Stock Now!

Schecter PT

Schecter C-1

Schecter C-1 FR (Floyd Rose)


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Since the beginning of 2001, Schecter Diamond Series Electric Guitars have been the best selling guitar line in our store. They offer a very versatile, well-finished guitar, with Duncan or Duncan Design pick-ups at very reasonable prices. Many of our customers feel Schecter Diamond Series Electric Guitars offer the best value of any guitar on the market today.

The C-SERIES are probably the most popular Diamond Series guitars! Closely based on the Custom Shop Sunset Classic and Hollywood Classic instruments, the C-Series ranges from the incredible value of the OMEN-6 to the dark elegance of the C-1 ELITE.

A pair of stock C-1's had been PAPA ROACH's Jerry Horton's main stage guitars for all of last year. His Black C-1 is used in their Grammie Nominated video Last Resort. This guitar was the inspiration for Jerry's new Signature Model.

Fueled by the resurgence of the Floyd Rose locking tremolo, the C-1 FR PLUS is now a standard model in 2001! The C-Series also contain the 7-String OMEN-7 and the set-neck C-7 PLUS, which is a favorite of 311's Tim Mahoney and MERCYFUL FATE's guitar duo of Mike Wead and Hank Sherman.

Sub- Sonic Series Extended Scale

These Extended Scale instruments are designed for today's modern guitarist to push the sonic boundaries to the extreme. Guitarist's as diverse as TOMMY LEE (Methods of Mayhem) and REEVES GABRELS (Tin Machine / David Bowie) rely on these instruments for 'balls to the wall' power and 'textural terrorism'.

The SCORPION (introduced Jan. 2000; a year prior to all the wanna-be copies out now> gives the player needing the heavy drop-tuned sound a real viable option to the ultra-wide neck of a 7-String. While featuring the width (42mm) of a standard 6-string, the Scorpion is tuned B/E/A/D/F#/B. The Scorpion's 26" scale (not the 27" or longer scale of a 'baritone') gives incredible sonic-definition at high gains, while still feeling like a guitar! Neck/Tuning stability is insured by the SCORPIONÕs set-in neck construction and dual graphite reinforcement rods running parallel to the double action truss rod.

Note: The recommended Scorpion tuning allows a player to use the popular open 'D' chord shape. Scorpion 'Decimator' strings (.013/.017/.028w/.038/.048/.062) are available from your authorized Schecter dealer.

The new SCORPION 'TRIBAL' features a bound 'flat-top' body with a wicked tattoo-style' tribal' inlay pattern. This instrument that will get almost as much attention from its looks as its agro-sound!

An extended 35" scale Scorpion Bass is also available. Tuned B/E/A/D, this bass is the perfect weapon-of-choice for the bassist who needs the low 'B', but doesn't want to cumbersome wide-neck of a 5-String bass.

The Sub-Low 5-String instruments offer extreme sonic range and tuning possibilities. The sleek sci-fi A5-X and the classic C5-X feature a 24-fret extended 26" scale neck (with graphic rods). Modern players like RYAN SHUCK (Orgy), PAUL RAVEN (Killing Joke), BILLY CORGAN (Smashing Pumpkins) and BRIAN HARRAH (Professional Murder Music) have used and abused these 5-Strings on stage and in the studio.

These unique 5-string instruments have been tuned in 4ths, 5ths (allowing for one-finger barre chords!) and 'drop-D'. While you are invited to creatively experiment, please note that you MUST have your guitar set-up & adjusted (truss rod and bridge) by a competent person to insure proper tuning and intonation (and to not void your warranty!!!)

Other recent 'converts' to Schecter extended scale instruments are: The Cure's Robert Smith (A-5X), Jason Slater from Snake River Conspiracy (Scorpion) and Nial McGaughuy from 3D House of Beef (Scorpion)

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR DSG

Schecter C-1 Classic DSG) Deep Sea Green

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 DSG

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