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Every Day is Black Friday and Cyber Monday at The Guitar Garage! Give Our Independent Store a Chance to Price Match, and Answer your Questions. Our Staff is not made up of Computer IT Experts, but of experienced professionals who care about the products we sell.

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We inspect and Set-up our Instuments before shipping; we don't just stick a box on a conveyer and have a computer put a shipping label on it.

Gibraltar Drum Hardware Menu

We're not into maple, beech or birch. We're not drum builders. We're not into bronze alloys and hand hammering. We're not cymbal-smiths. We are Gibraltar. And Gibraltar is hardware. This undeniable focus makes us better at what we do and who we do it for. No matter what brand of kit you play, Gibraltar supports them all. Rock Solid isn't just our slogan. It's our mission.

Adirondack Guitar and Pro Audio (and a whole lot of drum stuff) never charges extra for special orders. Turn around time on special orders is usually less than three business days. Thanks in advance, Dennis

A Little About Drum Hardware, and Maintenance and Repair

Bass Drum Pedals

Gibraltar offers three series of pedals to fit your playing style and budget. Our Intruder Series is one of the industry's finest feeling and most reliable pedals, featuring cam or sprocket drives. The Avenger Series utilizes the same cam drive system as the Intruder, with a simpler execution, while the clean and simple feel of our Prowler Series offers unmatched speed and value.

Hi-Hat Stands

Gibraltar brings you the most affordable and diverse line of hi-hat stands available. Single braced, elliptical and double-braced models provide the player with "Nothing But Options." All bases rotate for double-pedal positioning and each series utilizes three different drive mechanisms

Gibraltar offers a complete line of cymbal stands to fit your needs. 9600 Series Stands are designed to be heavy duty, not heavy, while our 7600 Series perform like double-braced stands.

Gibraltar's 5600 Series stands utilize all professional features in a low-mass double-braced stand. Double-braced tripod with cast height assembly and Gibraltar's round rubber feet provide stability without large profile. Stands feature hinged height adjustments with ABS inserts and standard 8mm cymbal tilters with oversized felts.

5609 Cymbal Boom Stand

5610 Cymbal Stand

Gibraltar's 6600 Series stands have professional features yet are light enough in weight and mass for easy transport. Double braced tripod assembly with cast height adjustment assemblies and ABS inserts for no metal-to-metal contact. Cymbal stands have three-tier sections and standard 8mm cymbal titlers. Hi-hat stand features easy stop tension adjustment.
Gibraltar's 8600 Series Flat Base stands bring back the classic flat base design with features for today's drummer. A low mass, flat base design tripod with cast adjustments and Gibraltar's exclusive "Key Lock" that prevents any tripod movement or collapse. Hinged height adjustment with ABS inserts for super lock, no metal-to-metal contact and topped off with Gribratar's gearless Brake Cymbal tilter with key memory lock.

8609 Cymbal Boom Stand

8610 Cymbal Stand

Gibraltar 9600 Series Professional Stands

9600 Series Professional stands are designed to be heavy duty, not heavy. Cymbal stands have smaller profile, double-braced leg assemblies that are perfect for multi stand set-ups, cast hideaway booms with hinged boom memory locks, and your choice of Gibraltar's exclusive 360 degree or brake style tilters. All stands have Gibraltar's Super-Lock height adjustments with hinged memory locks and ABS inserts for no metal-to-metal contact.

9609 Boom Stand

9609-BT Brake Tilter Boom

9610 Cymbal Stand

9610-BT Brake Tilter Cymbal

Snare Stands

Our snare stand offering will match any budget and fit your needs. Gibraltar Snare Stands feature memory locks and fully adjustable snare basket assembly. Our 9600 Series offer the lowest height adjustment capabilities in the industry.




9606 Ultra Adjust Snare Stand

9696BA Ball Adjust Snare Stand


Gibraltar offers a wide range of specialty stands to satisfy your setup needs. Our double tom stands feature Gibraltar's low profile parallel, double-braced leg base and a 360° adjustment.

9613PM Platform Stand

7614 - Concert Cymbal Stand

Gong Stand GPRGSL

Percussion Table 7615

7606EX Tall Snare Stand

5606EX Tall Snare Stand


7615SWS Percussionists Workstation


GPRWS Work Station

Racks, Rack Clamps and Hardware

Gibraltar Racks come in all shapes and sizes to fit your performance needs. Our tough and rugged Road Series Racks feature heavy-duty clamps to keep your setup secure night after night. Power Racks were designed for the working drummer who has to setup and breakdown constantly, looking to cut down the weight and size of their drum hardware.

The needs of the professional percussionist are just as great as a set drummer. Gibraltar designed a complete and innovative line with craftsmanship to exacting standards. See the Gibraltar Custom Drum Parts and Accessories catalog for many additional small percussion mounting accessories.

Gibraltar mounting systems come pre-packaged for your convenience. Our new mounting systems allow you to add an auxiliary percussion or cymbal setup, without taking up too much space.

Gibraltar's practice pads come in heavy-duty 5-piece configurations that can be positioned exactly like conventional kits. An ideal setup for warm-ups and apartment practice, they can be modified to accommodate electronic triggers.

Transport your drum gear in our durable Gibraltar Bags. These collapsible bags provide extra storage space and come in a variety of sizes to fit your transport needs. Add in Gibraltar's 3-year warranty and you have "Nothing But Options".

Gibraltar offers the largest selection of drum throne parts for drummers, percussionists and musicians alike. Our thrones are made to fit any configuration and work in every situation.


6608 Moto Style Vinyl Seat

9600 Series Thrones


I am working as many caffine driven hours as possible to get this page up to date. We are stocking more and more Gibraltar and Gretsch drum parts and accessories. Please feel free to Email any questions, and I will get back to you. Thanks for your patience. Dennis

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