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Zinky Supro Mofo Guitar Amplifier Head


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Zinky Electronics first tube amp was the MOFO, back in 2000.


The original MOFO was limited to a 100 piece run. The amps were very
well received by country, roots, rock and metal players, and quickly
sold out. They are highly sought after today.

The amp had a clean channel (with single knob TONE balance control, as
later used in the Blue Velvet and Supro DualTone amplifiers), as well
as an overdrive channel, with full Treble/Bass/Midrange EQs. Lots of
gain when you want it, and always smooth, articulate sound.

We've been able only recently to significantly improve the original

A couple of little differences, one big difference-

1) Clean channel has midrange switch- "cut" or "boost", instead of just
one fixed mid.
2) MOFO channel has reduced gain IF you turn the gain knob lower than
9...So gain keeps doing something all the way up, and you can now use
it more effectively as a clean channel at lower gain settings.
3) Instead of the Retro/MOFO gain switch on the original amp, there's
an additional gain reduction/boost that you can activate with a front
panel switch, or the footswitch. This gives you a boost at any time,
on either channel- SO you now get two sounds on the Clean and 2 sounds
on the MOFO channel. Comes with a two button footswitch,
clean/overdrive, and low/high gain- 4 sounds!

And the big difference...

Power amp is the old Supro design, but with grid bias. This is/was a
circuit that was developed by the Western Electric folks in the 1930s,
and used by Supro from the 40s to the 60s. We fine tuned it a little.
Instead of 60 Watts (old circuit), this one delivers 72! That's not
the big deal though... There's a lot more power at the low end, and the
high end extends much higher with this one (Glassy top end, without any
fizzy or buzzy sounds). Because of this, we felt in only fitting that
we re-introduce the amp, this time as a SUPRO®

So, you pretty much get a MOFO that sounds a lot better at low volumes,
and it will play louder / bigger than before.

List Price MOFO 70 Watt guitar amp head $2149.00

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