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Rainsong Graphite Guitars

Rainsong Graphite Guitars - Here in the Adirondack Region of Upstate New York we experience many of Mother Nature's extremes. We always have at least a few hot and humid dog days in the summer, and manage to get down below zero in winter - a little too often for my taste. Many of us heat our homes with wood stoves, and with long winters our houses and guitars tend to get very dried out. Not a week goes by without someone bringing a guitar to my store with a lifted, cracked or warped top - damage caused by temperature and humidity extremes. The RainSong should be called an "Adirondack Guitar!" My customers have pulled Rainsongs from the trunks of their cars in sub-zero temperatures, to find their guitars not only unaffected, but still in tune! Rainsong has developed a guitar for all seasons, which play as well as,and sound better than, all their competitors. I took one home for myself, and eBay-ed my Taylor. Dennis, - Adirondack Guitar

We have been a Rainsong Dealer Since the Year 2000! We do no Fee Layaways! Call for more information and best pricing!

New RainSong Concert Hybrid Series - First the Parlors

Rainsong Concert Hybrid CH PA Guitar, Rainsong CH-PA1100NS Guitar - Pure Acoustic

Rainsong Concert Hybrid CH PA Parlor with 12-fret neck, Rainsong CH-PA1000NS Guitar - LR Baggs Stagepro Element

Rainsong Concert Hybrid CH PA Parlor Guitar, Rainsong CH-PA1000NSK - K&K Pure Mini Pickup

Rainsong Concert Hybrid Parlor CH PA Guitar, Rainsong CH-PA1000NSX - LR Baggs Anthem

New RainSong Concert Hybrid Series - Orchestra Models

Rainsong Concert Hybrid CH-OM1100NS - Pure Acoustic

Rainsong Concert Hybrid CH-OM1000NS - LR Baggs Element

Rainsong Concert Hybrid CH-OM1000NSK - K&K Pure Mini

Rainsong Concert Hybrid CH-OM1000NSX - LR Baggs Anthem

Rainsong Best Sellers - One thru Ten

#1 Seller- Rainsong Smokey SMH - Carbon/Glass hybrid - Stagepro Element

#2 Seller- New Rainsong BI-WS1000N2

#3 Seller- Rainsong Shortly SG Guitar

#4 Seller- Rainsong H-WS1000N2

#5 Seller- Rainsong NP12 Classical Parlor Guitar

#6 Seller- Rainsong BI-OM1000 N2 BLACK ICE

#7 Seller- New Rainsong CO-WS1000N2

#8 Seller- - Rainsong Parlor P12 Guitar - More Colors!

#9 Seller- Rainsong CO-OM1000N2 Guitar#10 Seller- Rain Song Concert Series CO-WS1005NS Guitar

More Rainsongs - Rainsong Smokey Guitars

Rainsong Smokey SMCX! - all Carbon Fiber - In stock

Rainsong Smokey SMC - All-Carbon - Stagepro Element - In stock

Rainsong Smokey SMHX - Carbon/Glass hybrid - Stagepro Anthem - Call or Email

Rainsong Classic Series Guitars - now with N2 Neck!

Rainsong WS1000N2, Deep-body, cutaway 6-string

Rainsong OM1000N2, Slim-body, cutaway 6-string

Rainsong DR1000N2, Dreadnought, 6-string

Rainsong JM1000N2, Jumbo 6-string

RainSong introduces an Offset Soundhole

Rain Song Concert Series CO-WS1005NS Guitar

Rainsong Studio Guitars

Rainsong S-DR1000N2

Rainsong S-WS1000N2

Rainsong S-OM1000N2

Keep Scrolling - Lots more Rainsong Guitars


The Rainsong Sound - Keep Scrolling - Lots more Rainsong Guitars

Another Rainsong Black Ice Series Guitar

Rainsong BI-JM1000N2 Black Ice Jumbo!

More Raingsong Hybrid Series

Rainsong H-OM1000N2

Rainsong H-DR1100N2 Hybrid Guitar

Keep Scrolling - More Rainsong Guitars

More Rainsong Concert Series

Rainsong CO-DR1000N2

Rainsong CO-JM1000N2

Left Handed Rainsong Guitars

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Rainsong Guitar Models

Rainsong WS 1000 (The Original Rainsong) and New WS 1100

RainSong Graphite Guitars is expanding its model line with the addition of 3 new models. The premier builder of all-graphite acoustic guitars will add a Jumbo, a Dreadnought, and an Orchestra Model to the much acclaimed WS1000 model. The additional body styles will broaden the range of acoustic properties offered by RainSong to appeal to a variety of settings and playing styles.

The Rainsong WS1000, with its strong projection, rich bass and ringing trebles will remain the workhorse of the line. The three new models will broaden RainSong's appeal to new players with more specific playing needs and invite them into the whole new world of graphite guitars.


Rainsong Dreadnought DR-1000 and New DR 1100

The Rainsong Dreadnought (DR1000) is designed to appeal to traditional bluegrass, country, and flatpicking players. With a large, deep body and wide waist, RainSong's DR1000 has the powerful bass and ringing treble of a great rhythmic guitar, but still maintains a wonderfully balanced sound, with clear distinction among individual notes. From rhythm to lead, the DR1000 makes its presence known. Capable of cutting through admirably in any acoustic setting, the DR1000 is loud enough to compete with banjos, mandolins and other traditional volume hogs.

Rainsong Jumbo JM1000

The Rainsong Jumbo (JM1000) is designed to provide tremendous volume and presence for those who are looking for it. This is the largest body RainSong builds. The sheer size, combined with the attributes of Projection Tuned Layering make the JM1000 one of the loudest acoustic guitars on the planet. This guitar is loud. But the JM1000 is not just about power. The narrow waist gives the JM1000 real fingerstyle grace. The guitar is strong, but impeccably balanced, with bass, mids, and trebles distinct, clear, and very loud.

Orchestra Model OM1000 Orchestra

For those looking for a more intimate experience, RainSong is offering an Orchestra Model (OM1000). The smallest and most refined of all RainSong shapes, it is our most comfortable and intimate guitar. It has an immediacy of presence that makes it a favorite with the coffee house crowd. The treble, already a breathtaking attribute of RainSongs, is simply sublime in this little guitar. Crystal bell clarity, balance, superb separation of individual notes, and an expansive dynamic range make the OM1000 one of RainSong's most individually expressive guitars.

The RainSong Sound

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Ordering, Shipping and Return Policies

Why Buy from Adirondack Guitar?

Adirondack Guitar Home

Additional Options

Rainsong DR 1000 Deadnought and New DR 1100 - Older Model

Rainsong JM 1000 Jumbo - Older Model

Rainsong OM 1000 Orchestra - Older Model

Rainsong Original WS1000 and New WS1100 - Older Model

Rainsong WS 3000 12-String - Sold Out, trying to get more

Rainsong JM3000 12-String - Sold Out, trying to get more