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Oscar Schmidt by Washburn OG 3/4 Student Guitar

Oscar Schmidt by Washburn OG 3/4 Student Guitar - Oscar Schmidt by Washburn - I finally found a 3/4 Size Steel String Guitar for the Left-Handed (Southpaw) Child that is easy to play and tunable. My blood chills when I hear parents say, "I don't want to spend a fortune buying a guitar if she's not going to stick with it" or, " How much is a 3/4 guitar? It's just for my kid, and I don't want to spend a lot" - I just know they're going to call someone else and find a guitar $25 dollars cheaper, or worse, buy from a chain store catalog. The facts are: If the guitar sounds like it's made from a cigar box and twine, your kid won't play it. If the strings are way off the fretboard and it hurts or is fatiguing to press the strings, your kid won't play it. If you buy him a $75 guitar because the kid may not stick with playing, you almost guarantee that the kid won't, and you've wasted your $75 and probably deprived your child of a rewarding, lifetime hobby. I know, I was one of you parents who cheaped out or waited, and when I finally learned this hard lesson, he wasn't interested anymore. Kids who play music usually don't get in trouble (and you can hear them singing along so you know what they're thinking about!) Buy the kid a good, playable, real instrument. I know, I know, it's a gamble. But do it right.

Scary Mary

Recommended Accessories!

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An accurate tuner prevents accidental breaking of strings, and allows and teaches the new student what a properly tuned guitar should sound like.

Korg Ga-20 Tuner $16.50

Quik Time Metronome for $15.00

Watch and Learn Instruction Video and/or Book or DVD

Guitar Instruction



Available Now, Right-Handed!

Oscar Schmidt by Washburn OG 3/4 Student Guitar

Need a Left Handed One - Click Here


Description: ¾ Size Steel String Guitar; Left-handed

Top, Back, and Sides: Laminated

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Bridge: Rosewood

Tuners: 3 + 3 On-Plate (slotted)

This is not a toy - Includes a compensated Bridge for easier tuning, has an attractive binding and a two piece back!

Choose Natural (ImageLeft) or Black (Image Below)

Buy It Now for $99.00

Add a Padded GigBag for $21.95

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I've read (and heard) that it's wise to start kids on nylon strings, because they're easier to press down on. Is that correct?

A. Nylon strings are easier on the fingers BUT I feel (most) Kids are tougher
we give them credit for. Our teaching staff here issues the "The 20 Minutes a Day for 2 weeks Challenge", to all students 8 and UP. Promising, "your fingers will no longer hurt at the end of 2 weeks". This seems to work for us. Sometimes, if a student is struggling toughening up his or her fingers we recommend a Capo on the second fret. This accomplishes two things, shortens the "reach" for the new smaller student, and makes the strings easier to press down.

Q. What are the dimensions of this guitar?

A. Scale length is 23 inches (the distance from the nut to the bridge). Total length is 36 inches, width at lower bout (widest point) is 13.5 inches, and body depth is 4 inches

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