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Takamine Guitars

Takamine Guitar History - Nestled at the base of Takamine Mountain in Sakashita, Japan, Takamine Guitars have over 50 years of history dedicated to innovation and improvement to the art and craft of guitarmaking, (History Continued)........

New Model Takamine Guitars are arriving Daily. There is something here for ever level of guitar player, from entry student guitars, to top of the food chain eye candy instruments, for the pro player living in your basement. Take your time, email questions, and thank you for visiting our website ---- Dennis

Glenn Frey EF360GF - Finally Back in Stock

New Model Takamine Limited Edition Guitars

With a heritage that spans over 50 years of tradition and craftsmanship, Takamine takes pride in their latest Limited Edition models. In addition to their famous annual LTD guitar (like this years incredible LTD-2015 Renge So), Takamine also creates special edition limited guitars; short-run instruments that are unique treasures for musicians looking for nothing but the best in tone, playability, and collectible value.

Takamine Limited Edition DMP500CE DC - Call Or Email for Our Sale Price!

Takamine Limited Edition CP181ACK - Call Or Email for Our Sale Price!

Takamine LTD 2015 Renge So - Call Or Email for Our Sale Price!

Takamine Pro Series 1 Guitars - Resonant X-braced solid cedar tops, sapele backs and sides, and the acclaimed CT4B II preamp system for outstanding amplified sound and performance. Our Sale Prices on these Start at $893.00

Takamine P1DC Guitar - Dreadnought Cutaway

Takamine P1NC Guitar - NEX/grand auditorium

Takamine P1D - Dreadnought

Takamine P1M - Orchestra

Takamine P1JC - Jumbo

Takamine P1JC-12 - Twelve String

Takamine Signature Series Guitars - Equipped to inspire great performances from singers and songwriters alike.

EF250TK Toby Keith Signature

JJ325SRC John Jorgenson Takamine Guitar

JJ325SRC-12 John Jorgenson - Twelve String

GB7C Garth Brooks Signature

Steve Wariner Signature Model

KC70 - Kenny Chesney Signature Model

Glenn Frey EF360GF

For Left Handed Takamines - Click Here

Takamine Pro Series 2 Guitars - Great projection, balance and harmonic richness. Split-bone-saddle bridge provides faultless intonation. Our Sale Prices on these Start at $930.00

Takamine P2DC - Dreadnought Cutaway

Takamine Pro Series 3 Guitars - Elegantly appointed with resonant tonewoods, decorative touches and state-of-the-art electronics. An exquisite acoustic experience onstage and off. Our Sale Prices on these Start at $961.00

Takamine P3D - Dreadnought

Takamine P3DC Guitar - Dreadnought Cutaway

Takamine P3MC - Orchestra Cutaway

Takamine P3DC-12 - 12 String

Takamine P3FCN - Classical - Note More Classicals Below

For Left Handed Takamines - Click Here

Takamine P3NC - NEX/grand auditorium

Takamine P3NY - My Favorite - Very Small Body

Takamine Pro Series 4 Guitars - With a refined style and strong, clear voice, the P4DC offers an immediately rewarding acoustic experience. With a solid spruce top, solid sapele back and sapele sides, and CT4B II preamp. Our Sale Prices on these Start at $1154.00

Takamine P4DC - Dreadnought Cutaway

Takamine Pro Series 5 Guitars - Pro Series 5 guitars are crafted with the performer in mind. Featuring solid spruce tops, solid rosewood backs and rosewood sides, and the CT4-DX preamp system for peerless amplified performance. Our Sale Prices on these Start at $1457.00

Takamine P5DC - Dreadnought Cutaway

Takamine P5J - Jumbo

Takamine P5JC - Jumbo

Takamine P5NC - NEX/grand auditorium

Takamine Pro Series 6 Guitars - A stunning collection of guitars with bold looks and features that will help you stand out visually and sonically. With solid spruce tops, solid flame maple backs and flame maple sides, plus the CT4-DX preamp. Our Sale Prices on these Start at $1941.00

P6JC-12 BSB - 12 string

TakamineP6JC-BSB - Jumbo

Takamine P6N-BSB - NEX/grand auditorium

Takamine P6NC-BSB - NEX/grand auditorium

Takamine Pro Series 7 Guitars - Pro Series 7 guitars are for serious performers. Featuring solid spruce tops and solid rosewood backs and sides, beautiful flame maple body and neck binding and the CTP-2 CoolTube preamp for unmatched amplified performance. Our Sale Prices on these Start at $2418.00

Takamine P7D - Dreadnought

Takamine P7DC - Dreadnought Cutaway

Takamine P7JC - Jumbo

Takamine P7NC - NEX/grand auditorium

Takamine Legacy Series - A distinct collection of many longtime fan favorites from past Takamine® series with great names such as Keystone, Tradesman, Nouveau and Santa Fe. Our Sale Price Range on these is $1116.00 to $1798.00

Takamine EF341SC - Dreanought Cutaway

Takamine EF381SC-12 - Twelve String!

Takamine EF508KC - Koa!

Takamine TF740FS - Great for Fingerstyle

Takamine TF77-PT - Solid Cedar top to solid Hawaiian Koa back

Takamine TSF48C - Southwest Theme

Takamine Classicals Guitars - Our Sale Prices Start at $179.00 - Takamine classic guitars respect tradition. The fan bracing and body shape deliver a clear tone and a strong voice.

Ten Models to choose From! Click Here for Our Classical Guitar Menu

Takamine Hirade Guitars - Our Sale Prices Start at $1239.00 - Hirade is Takamine's premium line of classical guitars, originally designed by master luthier Mass Hirade. These guitars are constructed of the finest solid tonewoods and built by hand in the Takamine pro facility in Sakashita, Japan.

Four Models to choose From! Click Here for Our Classical Guitar Menu

Takamine G90 Series Guitars - For players seeking extra-special guitars. Refined and contemporary 90 Series instruments feature solid tops and special three-piece back construction for stunning looks and distinctive sound. Our Sale Prices Start at $403.00

Takamine GD93-NAT - Dreadnought

Takamine GD93CE-NAT - Dreadnought Cutaway

Takamine GN93-NAT - Nex

Takamine GN93CE-NAT - Nex Cutaway

Takamine GY93-NAT - Parlor

Takamine GY93E-NAT - Parlor

Takamine G70 Series Guitars - A stylish group of acoustic/ electric instruments. Takamine 70 Series guitars are all about great looks and premium sound quality, with solid-top construction, elegant appointments and upgraded electronics.

Takamine GD71CE-BSB - Dreadnought

Takamine GD71CE-NAT - Dreadnought

Takamine GJ72CE-12BSB - 12 string

Takamine GJ72CE-12NAT - 12 string

Takamine GJ72CE-BSB - Jumbo

Takamine GJ72CE-NAT - Jumbo

Takamine GN71CE-BSB - NEX

Takamine GN71CE-NAT - NEX

Takamine G30 Series Guitars - Perfect for players looking for great all-around acoustic guitars at accessible prices. Takamine 30 Series instruments offer solid-top construction, tasteful appointments and great sound quality in a wide range of body types that cover any style. Our Sale Prices Start at $266.00

Takamine GD30-12NAT - 12 String

Takamine GD30-BLK - Dreadnought

Takamine GD30-NAT - Dreadnought

Takamine GD30CE-12NAT - 12 String

Takamine GD30CE-BLK - Dreadnought

Takamine GD30CE-NAT - Dreadnought

Takamine GF30CE-BLK - FXC body style

Takamine GF30CE-BSB - FXC body style

Takamine GF30CE-NAT - FXC body style

Takamine GN30-BLK - Nex Body

Takamine GN30-NAT - Nex Body

Takamine GN30CE-BLK - Nex Body

Takamine GN30CE-NAT - Nex Body

Keep Scrolling!

Takamine G20 Series Guitar - For players seeking a different sound. 20 Series instruments feature classic Takamine body styles and solid cedar tops that produce a warm, detailed acoustic sound that works beautifully for a wide range of styles. Our Sale Prices Start at $234.00

Takamine GD20-NS - Dreadnought Takamine GN20-NS - Nex Body

Takamine G10 Series Guitars - An excellent choice for players seeking affordable guitars that perform well above their price tags. Takamine 10 Series instruments features great looks, superior build quality and big acoustic sound. Our Sale Prices Start at $169.00

Takamine GD10-NS - Dreadnought

TakamineGD10CE-NS - Dreadnought

Takamine G Series Acoustic Bass Guitars - Click Here

Left HandedAcoustic Guitars

Many other models available. - Please feel free to Email or phone with any questions about Takamine Guitars.

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