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Ovation and Adamas by Ovation Acoustic Guitars

Happy Anniversary Ovation! Happy Birthday Adamas

Ovation is Now Building Guitars in Connecticut, USA. To celebrate it's USA return, Ovation USA is building the following Limited Edition 50TH Anniversary Ovation Models, and 40TH Anniversary Adamas Models - Reserve Yours Now!

Ovation 50th Anniversary Folklore Guitar - Ovation FD14AV50-4 Guitar

Ovation Adamas 40th Anniversary Cutaway Contour Bowl Guitar - Adamas 2098-AV40

Ovation 50th Anniversary Custom Elite - Ovation 2078AV50-5

Ovation 50th Anniversary Custom Legend - Ovation 2077AV50-4

Adamas 40th Anniversary - Adamas 1198-AV40 Guitar

Ovation Celebrity Guitars

Self-expression isn’t determined by dollars and cents. Ovation developed the Celebrity series with that in mind. With high-quality features such as solid wood tops, engineered Lyrachord® bodies and intuitive preamp designs, there’s no cutting corners when it comes to creating substantial products that forward our philosophy of making yourself—and your music—stand out from the pack. Art should be universal and accessible. The Celebrity line transforms that idea into reality.

Ovation Celebrity CS24P-FKOA Guitar - KOA!

Ovation Celebrity CE44-4 Guitar - Natural

Ovation Celebrity CS24-1 Guitar - SunBurst!

Ovation Celebrity CS24-4 Guitar - Natural

Ovation Celebrity CS24-5 Guitar - Black

Ovation Celebrity CS24-RR Ovation - Ruby Red

Ovation Celebrity CS24P-4Q Guitar - Natural Quilt Maple

Ovation Celebrity CS24P-NBM Guitar - Nutmeg Burled Maple

Ovation Celebrity CS24P-TBBY Guitar - Trans Black Flame Maple

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Ovation Celebrity Elite Guitars

Ovation Celebrity Elite CE44-1 Guitar

Ovation Celebrity Elite CE44-4 Guitar

Ovation Celebrity Elite CE44-5 Guitar

Ovation Celebrity Elite CE44-RR Guitar

Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus Guitars

Celebrity Elite Plus CE44P-8TQ Guitar - Quilted Maple Celebrity Elite Plus CE44P-FKOA Guitar - Koa Top
Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus CE44P-PD Guitar - Padauk Top Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus CE44P-SM Guitar - Spalted Maple

Just Arrived Ovation 1773AX-4 Classical Guitar - Pro Series/Nylon Strings

Ovation Pro Guitars

Stacked with performance-friendly features. Built to meet the demands of the most discerning gigging players. Ovation’s Pro series is as versatile as it is road-worthy, meticulously crafted for the serious musician in search of a serious instrument that speaks a language all it’s own. For those who are certain of their passion, this is the medium to pursue it.

Ovation Custom Elite - Pro Series

Ovation C2078AX-5 Guitar

Ovation C2078AX-RTD Guitar

Ovation Elite - Pro Series

Ovation 2078AX-5 - Deep Contour Guitar

Ovation 2078AX-BCB

Ovation Standard Elite - Pro Series

Ovation 2758AX-NEB 12-String Guitar

Ovation 2778AX-5 Guitar

Ovation 2778AX-NEB Guitar

Ovation Elite TX - Pro Series

Ovation 1778TX-5GSM Guitar

Ovation 2058TX-5 12-String Guitar

Ovation DS778TX-5 Long Neck Guitar - Baritone!

Ovation Custom Legend Guitars - Pro Series

Ovation C2079AX-5 Guitar

Ovation C2079AX-CCB Guitar

Ovation Legend Guitars - Pro Series

Ovation 2056AX-5 12-String Guitar

Ovation 2077AX-CCB Guitar

Ovation Legend 2077AX-5 Guitar

Ovation Balladeer Guitars - Pro Series

Ovation 2751AX-5 12-String Guitar

Ovation Standard Balladeer 2771AX-5

Ovation 2771AX-CCB Guitar

Ovation U.S.A. Guitars

Inspiration begins in New Haven, Conn. Our Custom Shop is a breeding ground where creativity has no bounds. From rare and exotic appointments to the finest engineering, this is where Ovation craftsmanship reaches its apex.

USA Ovation guitars are conceptualized and constructed by our most visionary luthiers, with features combinations and top-grade materials unseen—and unheard—on any of other instrument.

New USA Ovation! Ovation Proto Limited LT-60 Guitar

Ovation 1769-ADII (Al DiMeola) Black and Natural




Yngwie J. Malmsteen Signature Nylon YM63-6P Guitar - 2 finishes

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Signature YM68 Guitar Steel String - 2 Finishes

Lots of changes for USA Ovation Guitars for this year. Many of the models of USA Ovations we have all loved in the past are only available now only as Custom Orders... if you need a build quote please email us

More Ovation Adamas Guitars - Click Here!

Please Note - As you read this I am Updating all my Ovation Wepages - If you don/t see what you are looking for feel free to Call or Email.

Refresh Often, Dennis 4/08............................/2014

Other Ovation Stringed Instruments

Ovation Bass B778TX-5

Ovation Mandolin MCS148-RRB

Ovation Mandolin MM68AX-5

Ovation Mandolin MM68AX-CCB

MM80-NWT Ovation - ovat adamas mando nwt w/c EA $4,999.00 0 13
MT37-5 Ovation - ova mt37-5 black

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NSB778 Acoustic Bass SOLD OUT

Ovation 2009-FKOA SOLD OUT

Ovation Artist 6773 LX (Nylon) SOLD OUT

Ovation Folklore 6774 LX SOLD OUT

Ovation Custom Elite C778 LX SOLD OUT

Ovation Legend 1777LX SOLD OUT

Ovation Legend Contour 2077LX SOLD OUT

Custom Elite Contour 2078 LX SOLD OUT

Ovation 12 String Legend 6756LX SOLD OUT

Ovation 12 String legend 2056LX

Custom Elite Contour C2078LX Sold Out

Standard Balladeer 1861 AX Sold Out

Limited Edition Ovation Custom Shop USA Flag Guitar

Ovation EA68 Sold Out

Standard Balladeer 1861 AX Sold Out

New! Ovation iDea Guitar - Perfect for Singer/Song Writer, or New Student Layer - The First guitar with a built in mp3 recorder!

Ovation Elite 1778LX Custom Order

Ovation 2773LX Custom Order

Ovation Custom Legend C779 LX Custom Order

Custom Elite Contour C2078LX Custom Order

The Viper neatly erases the line between acoustic and electric. Thin, like an electric. But the solid Sitka Spruce top and Ovation pickup give it the character and tone of an acoustic.

Ovation EA63 (Nylon-String)

Other USA Ovations - Custom Order Only

Ovation B778 Acoustic Bass

Ovation basses are noted for their clarity and pitch focus. The Lyrachord body gives them an unfair advantage over their competitor's muddy sounding acoustic/electrics.

Ovation DS778 Longneck

The pride and joy of those restlessly innovative Ovation engineers. With its 28 1/3" scale, the LongNeck is amazingly versatile. Fat and chunky, the tonal and tuning possibilities are endless.

Ovation Mandolins an Ovation Mandocello

Ovations Archive for Customer Reference

If you any questions on models not yet linked, please Email me.


Ovation Celebrity Deluxe CSE44 Sold Out